Monday, January 25, 2016

Check Out the Edmonton Oilers Pride Tape Campaign

Things are a’changing around the world. And the Edmonton Oilers recognize that.
Starting with Andrew Ference launching the movement in December , the Edmonton Oilers have now joined the “Pride Tape” movement. It’s where players  tape their hockey sticks using rainbow tape to symbolize the LGBT movement.

“Many view professional hockey players as role models and our team felt this was a great initiative to let every person know they’re welcome in the game of hockey,” Ference said. “We’re all proud to play for a team and city that supports diversity and human rights.”

The Oilers will debut the tape on Sunday during the Oilers Skills Competition. This will make the Oilers the first National Hockey League team to use the tape. Check it out.

There is a campaign involved; the Wells and Calder Bateman Communications have partnered and started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for 10,000 tape rolls. They have already raised over $40,000, and when they pass their fundraising goals, the sales of future rolls will go to supporting and funding LGBTQ Youth Groups.

This is a huge step forward and shows that any fan, athlete, coach or person involved in the National Hockey League is welcome by the NHL. Hopefully, the Edmonton Oilers hope to make a set forward and get others to join in.

“Oilers Entertainment Group is honored to support the Pride Tape initiative and make a very clear statement about our support for inclusiveness in sport,” OEG CEO Bob Nicholson said. “Thanks to Kris Wells and everyone behind campaigns like Pride Tape and You Can Play for their efforts to create an even more welcoming and supportive environment in hockey.”